Our history and our philosophy

Our History

AKRON began its course in the field of sanitary ware and tiles in 1984, in Rethymno, under the name “Emmanuil Gerarhakis & CO.” The restless spirit and our creativity led in 1999 to the expansion of the company in Chania and the creation of AKRON AE.
Our experience and continuous effort to offer consumers high aesthetics and excellent quality at affordable prices, managed to quickly establish our company in the area.
Our initial concern is the ongoing development of our products and services. For this reason, our company expanded in the small industry area with the processing of technogranite and corian type materials for building stairs, benches, decorative patterns etc.. We proceeded to the construction of a model of exhibition and manufacturing area of 1800 m2 in area Mournies  in Chania. The project should be completed in the coming years and we hope that will be worthy of both your expectations and requirements of the time.

Our Philosophy

Our priority focuses to the man and his needs. Our fundamental goal remains the provision of high design quality products to meet your expectations. Our innovative products, such as Technogranite and corian type materials, combined with the possibility of processing and conversion, are flexible and innovative solutions for our customers. The respect of the specific concerns of each person and the efficient service are our main concerns.
At the same time, an imperative need of our time is the protection of the environment. Our main supplier companies use production methods environmentally friendly and we -in our daily lives- make sure that we operate with an ecological conscience.
In any business that respects its consumers, development and improvement of products and services must be continuous. Keeping in mind this principle, we constantly strive to improve in all areas of our business activity.

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