Architectural Award for Akron’s products

The Karman collection represents the theme of “Rebirth” through the smart art of restoration.

The carefully crafted technique of monochrome and uniformity through resin finishing applied to old wood, concrete and ceramic surfaces gives charm and vitality to the original material. The beauty that is discovered, enhanced by the passage of time. Karman celebrates color as the key element that is able to harmonize the three different materials and cover the space with environments.

The recovery of smooth and decorated ceramics comes from the innovative intuition that combines the charm of previous years with the modern requirements of the most sophisticated architecture.

The review of the decoration

Karman offers four majolica tiles which, once the resin passes, reveal their designs at alternating high and low levels. The details also include the intense shades of majolica shiny tile tiles in 7.5×30 tile type, reinforcing the neutral colors of plain tiles.

Decorations also include 30×30-inch round, three-dimensional and monochrome concrete tiles, inspired by the 1970s architecture. A solution of original and dynamic design that you can find in Akron.

Architecture Award 2017

The Karman collection from Provenza is among the winners of the Design ArchiProducts 2017 in the Finishes category.

The prize celebrates each year the excellence of the international project.

The jury, composed of 40 international architects, designers and Archiproducts, chose to collect between 600 other proposals, with more than 300 brands, rewarding the search for innovative, formal solutions and materials as well as the ability to identify usage scenarios and ideas for private and public buildings.

The Karman Collection was awarded for:

  • The Concept
  • Aesthetics
  • The Construction and Quality Techniques

An important award for Emilgroup, which rewards the continued commitment of the R & D team, is capable of creating once again design solutions that combine passion and innovation.

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